3 Times Trying a New Dish is a Good Idea (and 3 when it’s not)

Everyone has a unique opinion when it comes to food. Some hate coriander, some love heat from chilies, others are into super sweet or salty…it’s all a matter of taste. By the time we’re adults most of us have made enough mistaken food decisions to pretty much just stick to what we know, but here are a few scenarios when it is a safe bet to try a new dish.

1 – Take-out at home.
It’s Saturday night, you’re at home, there’s food around should you need to replace a failed food order with something from the fridge. Go ahead and try that dish you’ve been intrigued about for months. Getting take-out with a couple of friends on a Saturday night is not the most risqué thing you’ll ever do, so why not spice it up a little and try the thing you always wonder about and have never been brave enough to order.

2 – HIGHLY Recommended

You’re at a restaurant known for it’s fish tacos. Everyone recommends the fish tacos, reviews on the internet say get the fish tacos, the server says get the fish tacos, The Guardian’s restaurant critic wrote a glowing review in which she urged everyone to ‘get the fish tacos’, yup, it’s probably a fairly save bet that the fish tacos are going to be nice. Go ahead and order them, and congratulate yourself on discovering something new and delicious.


3 – At A Wedding or Event
A large event is a great place to try something new. If you don’t like what you’re given you can probably just ask the venue for the alternative option and no one will be the wiser. They served you the chicken but you kind of want to see what all the fuss about lamb shanks is? Do it…switch for the lamb, what’s the worst that could happen? You have to switch back. No harm no foul.


Just to be on the safe side, here are a few times when it’s probably not a great idea to be trying something new: on a first date, at a close friend or love interest’s family’s place, or on your birthday (no one wants their birthday dinner ruined by cold pea soup…unless cold pea soup is your jam, in which case – Happy Birthday!)