9 Perfect Dessert Pairings for your next Take-away meal


Love desserts? You’re not alone. Who doesn’t enjoy something sweet at the end of a delicious meal? How often have you been full to the brim after a scrumptious meal and then heard yourself ask, “What’s for dessert?” Dessert is not an every day occurrence, at least in many homes and diets. It’s a treat, to be savored and enjoyed. But what dessert to choose after a take-away meal? Should ice cream come after Chinese? What is best eaten after a fiery Indian meal? Here’s a list of what’s hot in desserts, and what’s best to pair them with.

  1. Chocolate Mousse – This dessert is deceptively simple to make, and stores well. It is often on the menu at Italian or upmarket take-aways but it’s not the obvious choice. Why? Yes it’s super rich, but it’s also light and fluffy, perfect after a meal. Paired with strawberries, chocolate mousse can be an ideal end to an evening.
  1. Tiramisu – If you’re looking for a creamy coffee hit after your Italian meal, opt for the ubiquitous Tiramisu. Always a good choice.
  1. Gelato – not feeling up to a slice of cake after that pizza and garlic bread? Grab a cup of gelato instead. Pistachio and dark chocolate are always excellent choices.
  1. Choc chip cookies (or Oreo cheese cake!) – finished up your burger and fries, now looking for something sweet to hit the spot? Try some all American cookies, or better yet an Oreo cheesecake if it can be found.
  1. Green Tea or Black Sesame Ice-cream – tucking into some ramen, or a nice plate of sushi? Try these Japanese flavored ice creams afterwards. A little bit of the west meets that delicate Japanese palate.
  1. Baklava – who would have guessed that the combination of honey, nuts and butter could be so delectable? Baklava just goes to show that a dessert does not have to be fancy or come in huge portions to satisfy. This dessert is best eaten after a Middle Eastern meal.
  1. Mango and Sticky Rice – when mango season arrives in Thailand the streets are full of hand-drawn carts and vendors selling mango and sticky rice. Eaten after a Thai (or South East Asian inspired cuisines), it is actually as simple (and delicious) as it sounds; a cheek of beautifully ripe mango, a scoop of sticky rice, and a drizzle of sweetened milk. Aroy mak mak – that’s very delicious in Thai!
  1. Gulab Jamun – these golden fried pastries dipped in saffron sugar syrup are just the thing to satisfy your sweet craving after an Indian meal.

And our favourite…number 9…

Tres Leches Cake – often eaten after a hot and spicy meal in Mexico, this sweeter than sweet cake is the perfect accompaniment to a Spanish inspired meal.