Ordering Delicious Takeaway – 4 Factors to Consider


It’s Thursday night. You’ve had a big week at work or school. There’s no way you can summon the energy needed to cook a meal, so it’ll be a take-away, but what to choose? What makes a good take-away meal? Here are the top 4 factors to consider when making a decision about what to order.


Buy local. Where is the restaurant you’re ordering from? If it’s 15 miles away you might be disappointed by the freshness and/or temperature of your food when it arrives.
Look for restaurants in your local area and order your meal from somewhere close to you. Not only will you get your meal faster but also it will be fresher and tastier for it.


We all have finite resources, so cost is certainly a factor when choosing where to get your take-away. Having said that, if you look to the establishments that use fresh seasonal ingredients, and good quality meats etc. then you are bound to have a more enjoyable eating experience.

Places that use top quality ingredients often have a slightly higher price point than restaurants that use cheaper ingredients. If you can afford to, it’s always best to step up your game and order from the spot that values quality and flavor.


How is your meal prepared? Is there a chef or cook who lovingly makes sauces just like mamma used to make? If you have chosen to order take-away from an Indian or Thai establishment, is there someone from India or Thailand in the kitchen? Was your pizza prepared by an Aussie backpacker or a dude from Napoli?  The care and attention that someone who knows and loves their style of cuisine will put into preparing your meal will drastically impact how good that meal is.
Authenticity is key when ordering take-away.


Brits spend £26 billion on take-away meals each year; it’s a huge industry. Unfortunately a lot of easy to-go meals are loaded with hidden calories, fats, sugars and salt. A good rule of thumb is to make sure you’re ordering a balanced meal, just as you would be preparing for yourself if you were cooking.

By all means go ahead and order a creamy Indian curry, just make sure you get some rice and a portion of steamed veggies as well. Save some of the rice and curry for the next day so you’re not overloading on calories from cream and rice. If you’re opting for Chinese, think about how your dish is prepared. Will the prawns come breaded and deep-fried or could you have them stir-fried?

In the end you’ll enjoy your meal (and your body) more if you don’t overindulge in unhealthy food but instead ensure that you’re getting some vitamins and healthy bits as well.